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Founded in 2016 by our co-founders; Khun Chonladet Khemarattana, Khun Pasu Liptapanlop, Khun Chaipakorn J.kunopakorn and Khun Saruda Pattanahirun, Robowealth is a digital wealth solution that helps people protect and increase their wealth through time.

We commit to providing every individual investor the best robo-advisory solutions developed by the sound combination of advanced technology, customer behavior analysis, and capital market best practice.

We have been opening up a new chapter in Thailand’s capital markets with the launch of the innovative automated investment “odini”, the first Robo-advisor service in the country. Based on the concept “anyone can invest”, Robowealth is focusing on small investors and has set itself a target of more than 200,000 clients within the next three years.

Be the leading robo-advisor player in Asia


November 2016

Company Establishment


March 2017

Seed Funding from Co-founders


July 2017

Mutual Fund Brokerage License from SEC Thailand


January 2018

Operation Approval from SEC Thailand


June 2018

Launch of the 1st  Robo-advisor “odini”

Products & Services

odini® - The 1st robo advisory service in Thailand

The odini is a Robo-advisory service that applies quantitative techniques including Artificial Intelligence (AI) to develop an Asset Allocation model, select the appropriate mutual funds for each type of asset class, and make automated transactions aligned with the investor’s choice in order to establish an investment plan that’s in line with the acceptable risk level of each investor.
Downloads in 3 years
Clients in 3 years

B2C Robo-advisor

The mobile application which offers individual investors an automated investment service.

B2B Robo-advisor

Complete ready-made and tailor-made solutions for financial institutions to provide robo-advisory services to end investors.

Hybrid Robo-advisor

Supporting tools for private bankers to serve high net worth individuals.

Fund Marketplace

The platform which allows investors to make investment decisions on their own.

Our Co-Founders


Chonladet Khemarattana

CEO, Investment Committee, and Board of Director

“Fintech Guru”

The Robo-advisor will be a turning point for 70 million Thai citizens to gain access to efficient investments.


Pasu Liptapanlop

Board of Director and Investment Committee

“International Banker”

Savings must come together with education and access to resources to enable effective investments.


Saruda Pattanahirun

CCO and Board of Director

“Accounting and Business Law Expert”

It’s time for Thai to pay closer attention to investment planning, otherwise older we get, the poorer we will be.


Chaipakorn J.Kunopakorn

CIO, Investment Committee, and Board of Director

“Quant Specialist and Fund Manager”

Thai society is not only ready but ‘needs’ to have a Robo-advisor to provide comfortable and convenient access to investment.

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By making an investment, your capital is at risk. The value of your investment depends on market fluctuations outside of our control and you may get back less than you invest. Past performance is no indicator of future performance.


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